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Solar Pool Heating Melbourne is your local Melbourne online business guide for all Solar Pool Heating products and services.

Below is a selection of local businesses that provide Solar Pool Heating products and services in Melbourne.

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Sunlover Heating

Sunlover Heating solar systems are easy to operate with your choice from a range of electronic controllers featuring easy to follow digital readouts. You set your desired water temperature and desired operating times and forget it. You can also alter your settings at any time for a quick boost of heat or to reduce the pool temperature during a heat wave. The sophisticated Sunlover Heating digital controllers are reliable, Australian made and serviced and available with optional wireless remote controls.

1800 815 913

Zane Solar Pool Heating

A Zane solar pool heating system harnesses the natural power of the sun to bring you warm water and extend the swimming season. The best bit? Our systems are designed to be cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. Backed by nearly 40 years' experience and a nationwide service network, we custom design for residential, commercial and Olympic size swimming pools. Zane's integrated pool heating options are independently tested to meet exacting Australian Standards. Plus, our solar heating systems pay for themselves in just a few years so there are no expensive energy bills after a modest initial set-up cost.

0409 541 447

Supreme Heating 

Specialists in Energy Efficient Solar Pool Heating, Pool Covers & Rollers, Heat Pumps, & Gas Heaters. Established in 1990, Supreme Heating is a proud Australian owned company specialising in the design and installation of innovative, energy efficient pool heating solutions across the nation, and more recently throughout Asia and New Zealand. 

1300 787 978